Return to Hockey-Response to COVID

The goal of the Frontenac Community Arena (FCA) and Arena Board is to work together to ensure that we can return to hockey while maintaining a safe and healthy playing environment. The protocols and terms available below have been established through adhering to the Provincial Stage 3 Restrictions and through a review of best practices. It is important to remember that restrictions may continue to ease throughout the season if we all do our part to reduce the spread of COVID 19. Restrictions may be subject to change as the situation evolves and if required to maintain the safety of Staff/ Patrons.

Various Organizations/ Leagues may also have additional practices/ protocols in place above what the Province and Arena has implemented.

As the Arena Staff work towards a start date of September 18th, we will require each group/league to review the attached FCA Return to Hockey-Response to COVID Plan.

The Frontenac Community Arena (FCA) and Arena Board thank you for your cooperation and support as we work together to keep us safe.

Click this link to download the Frontenac Community Arena Return To Hockey Plan-Response to COVID